Martyna Żegota

Martyna Żegota


Martyna Żegota is a graduate of Italian studies at the University of Warsaw and Contemporary Philology at the University of Catania (Master’s studies). She holds the CELI 5 certificate (level C2), DILS-PG second degree and the qualifications of a CELI examiner.

She lived in Sicily for eight years. She’s an expert in Italian literature from the second half of the 19th and 20th centuries.
Founder of the Al Dente Literary Club.
Her greatest passion is the history of the Sicilian mafia presented in a broad context of moral and social conditions.

Martyna holds the CELI 5 certificate (level C2), DILS-PG second degree (certificate for teachers of Italian as a foreign language) and is a CELI examiner.

In addition to regular classes, Martyna also holds meetings of the Al Dente Literary Club and thematic workshops on the history of the mafia, contemporary Italian society and fashion.
According to Martyna, learning a language is a never-ending process that should be full of passion and joy, as well as discipline and systematicity. During her classes, you will definitely feel the magic of Italian and you will not be bored.